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In Luke 11:9-10, he translated: “So, keep dancing your prayers, and the way will open before you. Search for the ancient pathways, and you will find them. Keep sending up your prayers, and they will be heard. Answers will come to the ones who ask, good things will be found by the ones who search for them, and the way will open before the ones who keep dancing their prayers” (Italics original). What an image, dancing our prayers; not scraping paint or digging ditches, but dancing!

First Nation Translation, Working Preacher, Kristofer Phan Coffman

Dancing our prayers. What an image. Coffman speaks of our Scripture reading from the Gospel of Luke 11- 12 where in this these passages people are very persistent. Widows appealing to judges for justice, a woman sweeping her house to find a coin, a baker kneading masses of dough, a shepherd searching for a sheep, and, here in our lesson, a friend knocking on a neighbor’s door in the middle of the night. Jesus teaches the disciples how to pray when asked (The Lord’s Prayer, Luke 12:13-21) and says keep

praying; keep asking, keep seeking God and the Holy Spirit will be given to you.

Dancing can be hard work, can be frivolous, serious, and it can be rigorous yet it is fun and has a purpose. When you are with others time flies by and the people around us lift us up. Whom we are sharing our time. Might we be able to dance in our prayers? Might we have continued prayers, for ourselves, for others for the world as we lift each other up?

I love this image of dancing our prayers. In this world right now, next door, in the neighborhood, in the country we are still living out unhappiness and dissent, war and heartaches, and so as followers of Jesus Christ, might we dance our prayers? Lift all concerns and worries up to our Father who loves us, whom we trust in, whom we know hears our prayers as we persistently as natural as a visit with our Father, and a dance.

The summer’s go by too fast, yes? I pray that you are finding some rest for your souls and spend some time with family and friends. I also pray you know that your God and the Son are by your side. That everything happens for a reason and God’s will shall be done no matter how it seems on the outside and the chaos.

So maybe some dancing and praying is in the picture for you and yours.  Keep on praying.

Peace, Pastor Brenda



church office hours

Pastor Brenda Wicklund - Days to be determined

Mindy Johnson - Days to be determined

Donna Martin - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Kathy Thompson - Wednesday and Thursday

Rick Bicking - Monday/and or Tuesday, or call cell phone



Church Council will meet August 14th, after Sunday's church service.



**Acolytes schedule for AUGUST....

(Remember if you cannot serve, PLEASE find your own substitute).  Thank You!

Sunday, August 7 - Adam Alexander

Sunday, August 14 - Blake Blowers

Sunday, August21 -  Owen Johnson

Sunday, August 28 -  Kieran Tvedt



Lectors for AUGUST....

**(Ashley Thompson - usually reads First Reading)


Sunday, August 7- Elaine Garaghty

Sunday, August 14- Donna Wachsmuth

Sunday, August 21- Linda Libra

Sunday, August 28- Diane Ausmus



Ushers for AUGUST:

Paul Shober

Charles Mans


kitchen workers

 First Lutheran Kitchen Committee 

AUGUST:  Judy Koste  

Please check the kitchen work list below each week, during the month you serve. Clean whatever day that is convenient for you


alter guild




noisy offering

We are collecting a Noisy Offering, for month of AUGUST.

If you are interested in giving for this,

proceeds are going to FAITH IN ACTION. 


  • bible study2

*Men's Text Study (every) Thursday

8:00 AM Text Study

(led by Men)


*Women's Bible Study (every) Tuesday

9:30 - 10:30 AM

(led by Pastor)


**Postponed until September....

*Women's ROMAN's Bible Study (every 2nd) Monday of Month 

5:00 - 6:00 PM

(led by Pastor)


women of ELCA

Women's Bible Study's ongoing mission project.

We ask members to join us and bring a SHAMPOO during the month of AUGUST for 

homeless packets.  Please put them in the basket marked "Homeless Packets," in the

cabinet in the Narthex.

Thank You




6:30 PM

All Boards (Kevin Stephenson)


church library

PLEASE note the LIBRARY MEETINGS, are the second Monday of the

month, at 9:00 AM.



Quilting has been postponed until SEPTEMBER!  

Watch in the Newsletter and/or Bulletins for more information.


 parish nurse

 The Parish Nurse will be doing blood pressures for anyone who would like one. Sunday, August 14th during Coffee Fellowship




 We express our Christian sympathy to the families of Ruta Kalnins, Samantha Story (daughter of Troy and Jill (Tenquist) Story) and Reverend Norm Belland. May they know the consolation of your love; through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord and give them peace.


community meal2 

Community Meal will be the 1st Wednesday of the month, from 5:00 - 6:00 PM.

with Worship at 6:30 PM.  

Dates for the meals/services  are:

 July 6th, August 3rd and September 7th.

These are "free will" offering meals.

All are WELCOME ... healing service will follow meal.


out 2 lunch bunch2   

Out to Lunch Bunch

3rd Thursday of Month-August 18th

At Kaffe Stuga, Harris MN

Sign-up on Usher's table in the Narthex

Please bring a dish to share



join our family of faith

If you are interested in joining the church, please let

Pastor Brenda know or the church office. Thank You!

320-384-6393 or



Thank you for the anonymous gift that you left for my family on my desk. Also thank you for calls, cards, food and gifts it is greatly and much appreciated.

The Thompson/Denton Families


First Communion2

Holy Communion instruction training, is being offered at First Lutheran Church

for any child that has not had their training in Holy Communion.

Age requirement is 1st grade and up. These classes are the beginning of our

learning about Holy Communion and no matter the age, we grow and learn more about this

every time we worship and hear the words of Institution.

We will be meeting Mon., September 19th and Tues., September 20th from 3:15 - 5:30 pm at church.

Please let Pastor Brenda know or call the church office (320-384-6393) to sign-up.

First Communion will be on Sun., September 25th during the 9:30 am Worship Service.

I am looking forward to this special time with your child to mark this monumental day,

welcoming your child to the table.

Peace, Pastor Brenda

Form for signing up your child for First Communion Training, click here  FORM    


Coffee fellowship

Fellowship coffee and treats, is returning!  Coffee and treats will be served the second Sunday of the month, from 8:30 - 9:15 AM.   Please join us.

July 10th coffee treats, will be provided by Dennis and Colleen Volden.


gift giving 


The cemetery of the First Lutheran Church was originally started in the church yard to the south of the original church building faced to the north in now what is the parking lot.  The burials on this property are known only because of the memories of former church members.  All written records prior to September 1, 1894 were lost in the fire.  It is known that some of the remains were reburied in the new cemetery, but no records exist.  

The present cemetery land (originally two acres) was purchased May 26, 1892, from James and Mary Morrison for the sum of $50.00.  The original name of the cemetery was The Swedish Lutheran Cemetery.  It was later changed to the present name, Lutheran Memorial Cemetery.

In 1992 the Cemetery purchased 2/3 acre from the Hinckley Flea Market.  In 1997, 1998 and 1999 the Cemetery received 3 parcels of the Marjory Christianson land thru Dr. Ruth Christianson.  In June of 1998 Marjory Christianson donated the last parcel of land with the buildings to the Cemetery.  She was granted a life estate on the property.  On February 28, 1999 with Marjorie's death, this parel reverted completely to the cemetery's control.  The Lutheran Memorial Cemetery, now has a little over 10 acres of land, which should take us into the next century.

The gate, arch and fence at the walk-in area of the Fire Monument was originally purchased by the City of Hinckley, with money donated by the Fire Monument Association in 1902.  The gate, arch and fence were put up and dedicated in 1903.  The dates on the arch are 1894 for the fire and 1903 for the construction and dedication of the iron works.  In 1970, the gate and arch along with the damaged parts of the iron fence, were removed by the city.  Bud Stephan rescued the arch and John Bassett bought the gate  from the city, before it was to be sold for scrap.  When Bud died, John got the arch.  John Bassett then offered the gate and arch to the cemetery, but only if it was put back in its original position.  This was Bud Stephan's wish, that they be put back where they belonged and nowhere else.  In the summer of 1999, the gate and arch were repaired and returned to their rightful place.


Larry Edin, Sexton                     to earth, ashes to ahes and dust to dust...


Harvest Christian school logo

Harvest Christian School will be accepting donations for their GARAGE SALE .. Thursday, August 18th, from 10AM to 2PM at Harvest Christian School.  The garage sale will take place August 19th & 20th.


parish nurse

The Parish Nurse will be doing blood pressures for anyone who would like one, Sunday, August 14t during Coffee Fellowship Parish Nurse Update for June : 3 phone calls: 2 Outreach visits; 3 rides to Church; Delivered Community Meals; Out to Lunch Bunch; Church Trip to Pattison Park, WI; VBS Luther Park Camp ride alongs 3x; 3 Medical trips and Blood Pressure checks in July during Coffee Fellowship.


Church Directory

We would like to update the church paper directory (no pictures.) Please check the Instant church directory online to see if we have your correct address, phone number, and email addresses. Let the church office (320)-384-6393 or email at know if there are any changes. Thank You.


womens retreat

Please join us for the Retreat 2022 Woman’s Retreat “It Only Takes a Spark”

Dates: September 30th -October 2nd Friday September 30th - arrival time 7:00 pm until 10:00 pm Sunday October 2nd - departure time 2:00 pm Cost: $100.00 per person includes lodging and meals. The focus of this retreat is to take the time to see where your spark is at and how you can and have made a positive difference to others. Another goal is to also realize how we can impact others with our spark. After renewing our spirits with the reminders of where a spark is at no matter how big or small it is to remind us that it only takes a spark to put God’s love into action. This retreat will take place on the beautiful shores of Stoney Lake at Camp Patmos in Hackensack, MN. We will have access to the full camp for the entire weekend.

***We ask that you bring a snack to share or if you have dietary restrictions to bring your own food. ***

Address is 4384 44 th St NW Hackensack, MN 56452        Website:


prayers for all 2  

Prayers for all ! 



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