Congregational Projects for 2019




backpack program


The Food 4 Kids Backpack Program, which puts nutritious food directly into the hands of children, in need for weekends and school vacations, are making a difference in the lives of children every day.  With your help, programs like this can be expanded, to make sure that children aren't left behind.

Child hunger in America, is a solvable issue.

place for you


A Place For You is a Transitional Shelter, to supply basic human need of shelter to those finding themselves homeless and to assist those persons with finding affordable permanent housing.  The shelter seeks to provide a safe enviornment, which is conductive to the evaluation of a client's current situation and the goal development towards a resolution of said situation, emphasizing self-sufficency.







phebe project

PHEBE II (Current for Curran)

About the Campaign...

Current for Curran is supplying solar energy for a hospital that is currently powered by expensive, unrelaible diesel generators.  Curran Hospital is located in Zorzor, Liberai.  The hospital has 125 beds, outpatient services, a school of nursing and supervision for 23 community health centers and clinics.  Lutheran women have been supporting Curran Hospital for over 100 years.  Relaible energy supply is necessary for quality health care delivery.  In Liberia, where less than 1% of the population has access to the electricity grid, generating needed power at rural hospitals is literally a life-or-death scenerio.  Solar presents an opportunity for a more reliable energy supply - more reliable for the hospital and the many people it serves.  This SKIP THE GRID installation will provide clean, renewable energy to the hospital so it can continue caring for more Liberians.


***** Please make your donations all year, and use the power God gave you to make a difference and deliver a solution to the fuel poverty in Liberia (Current for Curran - PHEBE II); the child hunger (Food 4 Kids Back Back Program); and homelessness (A Place for You).

Be sure to mark your donation for the project you want it to go to, on your check or envelope.

 **THANK YOU! **

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